Hi, and welcome to my website Kiki Creates.
I have been painting for eight years now after a friend persuaded me to have a go. Well I did and was hooked. Eight years on I paint regularly in acrylics and have dabbled painting in oils and using soft pastels. Now the world is a very large painting palette and I find myself mixing at least fifty shades of … green (ha-ha) in my head and waxing lyrical about amazing skies and mountains.
I am inspired by light and colours in the natural environment and love to paint pictures of Scotland. Despite its dismal reputation for weather it is still the most beautiful place in the world and a place where, when the sun shines you forgive it everything.
As Sir Alexander Gray wrote,
“This is my country, the land that begat me and these windy spaces are surely my own.”

I am a member of a local art group and am privileged to learn from other more experienced artists in weekend workshops. I learn a little more about painting and what I can do using different media in each project and expect this to be a life long journey in colour that will never end.
The name Kiki comes from a childhood nickname my dad called me. Those of a certain age will remember a programme called Hector’s House. According to my father I looked like Kiki the frog with my big eyes. It is sadness to me that I discovered painting after my father had passed away so this is, I suppose, my way of sharing it with him.